See Oxford from a refreshing new perspective

Join us to explore Oxford University’s colleges and hear incredible stories of the influential women that have shaped their history.

Our tour will begin at the Oxford Union Library, Oxford’s most prestigious (and exclusive) house of intellectual debate and learning. We’ll then take a stroll through Oxford University’s stunning campus, stopping off at a few important colleges with rich, and most importantly female, histories. Along the way we will reveal tales from Oxford’s past that have been written out of history: those of its influential women.

We speak briefly about Oxford’s suffrage movement – it’s not a feminist tour without the suffragettes, after all. However, on this tour, we do things a little differently. We’re going to highlight the contributions that some pretty spectacular but lesser known women from Oxford have made to society; contributions which to this day do not get the attention or appreciation they deserve. We’re also going to take a deep dive into the lives of women before and after the suffragette movement, exploring the barriers to success they faced.

From adventurers and rebels to scientists and literary greats, this tour will send you home with a new Shero. We’ll even give you a sneak peek inside the famous Pitt Rivers Museum, home to 55,000 artifacts and a bottled witch…

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“We loved Rachel’s tour it was very interesting. She had done a lot of research and she really knows the backstories of the remarkable women of oxford. It’s an unique and unmissable tour. All our group including my nearly 12 year old daughter loved it. Thank you Rachel!!”

BarbaraOctober 2020

“The tour with Rachael today was absolutely brilliant! In a city with as much history as Oxford, it was great to hear the lesser-known stories of so many women who deserve a whole lot more recognition. Rachael was incredibly knowledgeable and even sent some links for further reading after the tour, which we really appreciated. 10/10, would absolutely recommend”

KieranSeptember 2020

“My tour guide for The Remarkable Women of Oxford was Rachael and she made me feel comfortable from the minute we met up. We chatted easily and companionably and I really enjoyed getting to wander through the streets and alleys of Oxford with someone who knew where they were going. I don’t think I would have seen nearly as much of Oxford if I hadn’t taken this tour. Plus I learned about some remarkable women and their accomplishments. I would recommend this tour for any visitor to Oxford but if you’re a history buff I would highly recommend it. It made my visit to Oxford that much more meaningful and filled my head with sights and stories that I know will echo for a long time.”

NicolaJanuary 2020

“This tour gave my sister and I a great insight into Oxford and the women who’ve helped to make the University what it is today, as well as the ground breakers who have bucked the male dominated systems and made the place more diverse. It is a wonderful way to see the city and experience some of the colleges and their treasures. Please consider taking this tour and supporting a great cause at the same time.”

AndreaJuly 2019

“A fabulous, unique alternative to a conventional sightseeing tour. Great stories and facts. Brilliant tour guide.”

KathrynJanuary 2020

“A fun and insightful introduction to some of the amazing women who helped shape Oxford both past and present. Our host was charming and full of great information. I would definitely book again in a different city.”

LucyJune 2019

“We walked through the city streets to look for the remarkable women under Rachael’s guide. Her enthusiastic spirit was contagious, and it made for a pleasant two hours in the company of other wonderful ladies who also wanted to delve into Oxford’s women’s history. Felt very intimate, and there was room for open conversation. In fact, Rachael was a great listener and easy to talk to. We were later provided with the list of names we went through in case we want to revisit them or do further reading. A good introduction to keep discovering about a vast cast of characters often sidelined in regular tours. The best part: it supports charity.”

AlejandraJuly 2019

“Lovely alternative to all the “great men” tours (though we went on those, too). Our guide Rachael was full of energy, enthusiasm, and well-researched stories about several fascinating Oxford women; we popped in to see colleges we wouldn’t have known to look for otherwise. She is especially good with children — “fun and very nice!””

AllisonJuly 2019

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