Want to see a side to London that will give you goosebumps? Looking for a Halloween adventure?

The REAL London… a city of serial killers, murder, disease, and crime, buried in dusty textbooks but rarely spoken about?

Then forget about a trip to the Tower of London or Jack the Ripper tour. What you need is Discover London’s Gruesome History. The perfect tour for Halloween!

Our tour begins at the world-famous London Bridge, a site of cold-blooded murder and humiliation for London’s executed criminals. Led by your fearless guide, you will experience the blood-curdling history behind London’s iconic landmarks: the Tower of London, The Monument, and North Bank. Then, if you are feeling brave, we will head into the back streets of east London to uncover the tales of murder and disease that lie in wait for you there.

On this tour, you won’t just hear about Jack the Ripper, the Plague, the Great Fire of London, and the brutal treatment of London’s criminals (which we all want to hear about of course), but also lesser known killers, the great smog, the London Beer Flood, the Kray twins, Phosey Jaw, and the famous Gunpowder Plot. Our tales will disturb, horrify and crack your sides with laughter.

But beware, this tour is not for the faint of heart. The ghosts of London’s sadistic characters and vengeful victims lurk around every corner, and misery loves company…

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“SO GOOD! Whether you’re new to London or even a frequent ‘Londoner’, this tour is for you! Our guide was Sophie and apart from excellent knowledge, she was also passionate and funny, providing us with stories and facts about London’s history we won’t forget anytime soon. Would definitely do it again. Thanks so much!”

JaneSeptember 2020

“This was such an amazing experience. It was so incredible to be able to see London through the lens of it’s rich historical background, it makes the place come alive in a whole different way. My guide was engaging, so knowledgeable and responded to questions. I definitely recommend going on this walk around London!”

NaomiMarch 2020

“Superb tour. One of the best I’ve done. Dominic was the perfect host: friendly and welcoming; an amazing depth of knowledge and a few great, detailed stories that really did fit into the gruesome category ( well, that is the title of the tour). Highly recommended. If you only do one tour in London, this has to be the one.”

MartinMarch 2020

“You know it’s a good tour when you’re not constantly looking down at your phone to see how much time is left. Tom did an excellent job of illustrating London’s gruesome history through his storytelling. I also really liked that it wasn’t gimmicky. He didn’t dress in costume — no disrespect to those who do. But rather it was like a friend showing you around London, giving you the lowdown on what horrific things occurred at prominent places the public walks around everyday and may not even realize. Highly recommend this tour and the money goes to an important cause. Book now! :)”

LisaMarch 2020

“Tom was AWESOME! He was right on time, knowledgeable, and friendly. This tour was one of the best things about our trip to London. He gave us just the right amount of gruesome story telling that we were looking for and the walk was the right amount of time.”

MarshallMarch 2020

“Our tour guide Dominic was very knowledgeable, with and amazing memory for facts and figures about the history of London. He was an extremely brilliant story teller and painted the scene very well. His tales were both entertaining and gruesome while being backed up with research and facts. I feel I have learnt a lot about the history of London as well as having an enjoyable evening which was great value for money. Many thanks to Dominic.”

SallyMarch 2020

“Dominic was absolutely delightful. He really knew what he was talking about and was such a joy to spend time with. It was a wonderful experience and when we’re back in London we will definitely do another experience with this group. It’s even better the money for the experience goes to charity. We had the best time and this was one of our favorite memories so far in Europe. Thank you for all you do and thank you for sharing your knowledge of London with us Americans! :)”

KatherineMarch 2020

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